Carmen Moreschini / ICGSA

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* An explanation of why you should be considered for the award.

* A written recommendation from a Principal.

* A written recommendation from an athletic administrator.

If selected as the recipient, I agree to continue in the area of coaching girls sports. I do hereby agree, if a decision is

made to leave the girls coaching field prior to the issuing of five hundred($500) scholarship, I will notify the ICGSA

President. I understand the ICGSA will confirm the above stated intent before the money is issued.


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Carmen Moreschini/ICGSA Scholarship Criteria

PURPOSE: This scholarship was established in 1990 to honor our first ICGSA president, Carmen Moreschini. It is presented to an ICGSA member to further his or her education. A $500.00 scholarship is issued directly to an educational institution.


1. Must have completed a bachelorís degree in education.

2. Must be used toward any educational course work beyond a bachelorís degree.

3. All ICGSA members are eligible to apply (must have been a member for at least two years- including year of application).

4. Must have at least two years of coaching experience in an IHSAA sanctioned sport.

5. Must intend to stay actively involved in an IHSAA sanctioned girls sport.

6. Must be employed by an IHSAA member school corporation either as a teacher, coaching staff member, or athletic administrator.

7. Previous Carmen Moreschini/ICGSA Scholarship winners are NOT eligible.

8. Scholarship recipients must use the award within a twenty month time frame.



Phyllis Tubbs

Elkhart Memorial High School

2608 California Road, Elkhart, IN 46514

(574) 262-5633 Fax # (574) 262-5925


DEADLINE: February 1

Winners will be announced at the ICGSA Spring Conference in Plainfield in Plainfield.